Wedding being an important event of an individual’s life,  We ensure that we capture stories and not just good pictures. We believe in the art of being candid because that is what helps preserve memories. We make sure that our approach towards capturing your “Wedding Day” is unique and the outcome brings back emotions as you reminiscence over photographs even years later.

We have been given the opportunity to work with industries addressing varied facets of a traveler’s lifestyle. Our work has won the best photographer club award presented by WPC Gwalior and featured on magnumphotos, and cretiveimagemagazine by raghurai.

Photography is a passion that we are working on from last 4 years. Passionate as we   mostly learned by just taking and analyzing photos without lots of knowledge from the books. The self-learning and exploring method still makes it just more interesting for us. Photography has been so much more than just a job to us and it has introduced us to some of the best friends we’ve ever had. We love photography but our (clients) friends make it the most rewarding thing we have done with our life .


Jayant D Sharma JD



Pakhi Arora